How to Send Us Your Handpieces 

Just Three Easy Steps:

Step 1: Print and Fill out the Work Order Form and Place inside box with your handpiece(s).

Work Order Form

Please complete this form to give us an idea of what is wrong with your handpiece(s); what you would like done; and if you prefer a free estimate beforehand.  We recommend keeping a copy for your records.

You may click on the Work Order Form to open as a PDF to fill out and to print.  The PDF is "fillable," meaning you can use your keyboard and mouse to fill in the information.






Step 2: Request a Pre-paid Shipping Label from Us - call 877-242-8203 or email us at: and we will send you a label via email or fax.

 Please include the following information:

  • Contact Person at your Practice

  • Office name and address

  • Telephone number

  • Fax Number – if you prefer the label faxed to you

  • Email – if you prefer the label emailed to you

Step 3: Attach PRE-PAID SHIPPING LABEL to the box and place in regular Mail.  It's that easy.

P.S.  Don't Forget, One-Day Service on Air-driven High-Speed repairs.


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