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When to rebuild an existing turbine or install a new turbine

What is a High Speed Turbine Rebuild?

When your handpiece stops working, either completely or from significantly reduced torque, it is usually because the turbine bearings are worn and need replacement. As long as the autochuck meets bur retention industry standards, a turbine rebuild is all that is required and will save a lot of money.  It's not uncommon to rebuild the turbine multiple times.  


Our turbine rebuild offers a more economical alternative to replacing the entire turbine every time.  We carefully remove the old bearings and any other parts too worn to use.  After a thorough cleaning, we install new bearings and O-rings, calibrate and test your handpiece, and return it to you running almost as good as new. 


Turbine rebuild pricing is $79 to $129 depending on the air-driven handpiece model.

When do you need a new turbine?

When the automatic chuck (pushbutton or lever) in your handpiece turbine stops gripping the bur safely it's time to install a new turbine. You have two options:


1. You can replace the entire turbine with a new turbine.  Either a turbine that we make ourselves in-house, or a new turbine from the original manufacturer. We have a lot of original manufacturer turbines in stock. 


2. Sometimes we are able to just repair the autochuck and get it to meet factory specifications again. Repairing the autochuck is a separate repair from the bearing replacement with a separate charge, and a separate six month warranty. 

  • New turbines (NOT original manufacturer) Six Month Warranty  -  $189.00 - $229.00

  • New ORIGINAL Manufacturer Turbines - most brands in stock - call for specific model pricing please 

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